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Exciting new wedding entertainment to wow your guests

An increasing amount of couples are seeing their wedding ceremony as a unique opportunity to offer something a little different and booking surprising and unique performers. Over recent years, couples have enlisted the services of fire performers and even living tables to create a fantastic atmosphere at their celebrations. Many couples have chosen to book unique performers to showcase their talents alongside more conventional entertainers such as wedding DJs. There’s a wealth of choice available when it comes to wedding entertainmentand by opting for something a little different, couples can offer their guests something truly memorable that will make them stand up and take notice.

Creating a wedding theme

It’s a good idea to decide upon a theme for your wedding celebrations. Couples have opted for a funfair theme or even asked their guests to adorn certain costumes in order to create a unique atmosphere. Games can even be added to proceedings, and fire performers and stilt walkers have become an increasingly-common sight at wedding celebrations too. There are no rules, and being experimental with your wedding is no longer frowned upon at all. In fact, if anything it makes it more interesting and more enjoyable for you and your guests.

CEP Fire Act

Entertain all generations

It can be wise to book a children’s entertainer too. There’s no denying that kids can become bored at weddings, as the events are usually designed with adults in mind, but by opting for performers such as clowns and face painters you can ensure that your festivities appeal to people from all generations. If you’re a music fan you may well wish to recreate those Glastonbury vibes by created your own festival, complete with a headline act and an extensive bill. By putting on several live acts, you can also appeal to the varied musical tastes that your guests are likely to have too.

Professional support

If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to booking performers for your wedding, you may well wish to get in touch with an events or entertainments agency that will be able to direct you to the best talent available and even oversee that all-too-awkward paperwork on your behalf. Planning a wedding will always be complicated, but an extra professional pair of hands can help you to cut down on your workload and turn your event from a good one into a great one.

Magicians and photo booths

Magicians are also great for weddings and are always on supply. They can be relied upon to create a fantastic evening atmosphere and spread the joy from table to table. Photo booths are also becoming a popular option, and allow your family and friends to leave you a photograph and a message for you, leaving you with mementos that you can cherish forever. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to wedding entertainment, so if the traditional, conservative or conventional doesn’t appeal to you, why not go wild? An events planner can help you to make even the most ambitious plans run smoothly. 


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